Hobuck Beach is a few miles past Neah Bay, Washington near the northern end of Makah Bay.  The beach is very gently sloping, with fine-grained sand, and a few pebbles. The vibe at Hobuck is very mellow, with surfers, kayakers, bodyboarders, beach walkers, and bird watchers getting along well, sharing the resource peacefully.

Predicting surf conditions here is fairly straightforward.  Rocky reefs in the bay, plus the points and either end of the bay, provide some protection from the swell.  On a small day, you can expect the wave face height to be about one third to one half the size of the predicted groundswell height (depending on the swell direction and wave period).  Winds are predominantly onshore in the summer and offshore in the cooler months.  August, in particular, is known for having very small surf and fog.  The sand bars along the beach move around quite a bit, creating several moderate rips.  There are some rocks and small river mouths at both ends of the beach.

We use these sites to help with our surf forecasting for Hobuck Beach: