Coaching Team

Linda belzT

Linda is a surf kayaking fanatic and an ACA Level IV Surf Kayak Instructor.  She is especially passionate about bringing other women into surf kayaking.  Linda began sea kayaking in 2004 and surf kayaking in 2007.  Her recent experience allows her to easily translate skills to the beginning kayaker.

Linda's most memorable sea kayak adventures are circumnavigating St John, USVI with her husband and surfing her Feathercraft Wisper on a reef break in St John. Linda's most memorable surf kayak moments are catching her first wave from the outside at Crescent Beach and surfing her first green wave at Westport.  But....any day surf kayaking qualifies as a most memorable adventure.

Melinda Moree

Melinda is deeply passionate about kayaking and coaching. Certified by the American Canoe Association as a Level 4 Open Water Coastal Kayaking instructor and Level 3 Surf Kayaking instructor, she thrives on helping others build confidence in challenging waters. Specializing in surf and dynamic environments, she's not just about personal achievements but is dedicated to sharing practical skills. Her focus is straightforward – empowering individuals to navigate waves with confidence. In her, you'll find a focused instructor committed to creating a community of capable and self-assured paddlers. Melinda is one of the organizers of the Surf Sirens Kayaking Camp and the Hobuck Hoedown - both events held in the Pacific Northwest of the USA celebrating the surf in sea and surf kayaks.

Jameson Riser

A member of the US Surf Kayaking team for many years, Jameson brings a wealth a knowledge and experience in competitive surf kayaking.  Specializing in the International Class (IC) category, she is known for careful wave selection, graceful floaters, and long, sweet rides.

Deb Volturno

Deb Volturno, an ACA Level 5 ITE in Coastal Kayaking and a Level 3 IT in Surf Kayaking, has spent over 20 years instructing and sharing her passion in one of the most dynamic environments on the planet – where the sea meets the shore! She has been a presenter/instructor at sea kayak symposiums on the West Coast of the US and in New Zealand, as well as a contributor to several kayaking books, videos/dvds, and magazines. Some of Deb’s accomplishments with regard to kayak surfing include being a member of the US Surf Kayaking Team – West, organized the first few Hobuck Hoedown Pacific North Coast Surf Kayak Festivals, and continues to be the enduring Master Judge of the event.