Coaching Team

Linda beltz

Linda Beltz is a L4 ACA Surf Instructor. She started her kayaking journey with sea kayaking and quickly became enamored with surf kayaking. Linda also surfs a wave ski and surfboards. She loves the energy of the sure and has a passion for teaching women surf kayaking, especially in short boats.

Linda’s passion for teaching women surf kayaking led her to be a founding member of “Surf Sirens”. She also was a founding member of Fluid Moves and taught surf kayaking with Fluid Moves. Linda has been a judge at numerous Hobuck Hoedown surf competitions, judging all classes of surfing, including HP kayak, IC kayak, wave ski, SUP, whitewater, and sea kayak.

Although Linda has surfed many type of boats, she much prefers short surf kayaks designed for the surf. She believes students will enjoy surfing the most, even as a beginner, in surf specific boats. Linda has found that surfing multiple types of craft, including surf kayaks, wave skis, surf boards, boogie boards and sea kayaks, each brings a different dynamic to the surf. It is Linda’s greatest passion that other women maximize their fun and expand their experience in the surf zone.

Melinda Moree

Melinda is deeply passionate about kayaking and coaching. Certified by the American Canoe Association as a Level 4 Open Water Coastal Kayaking instructor and Level 3 Surf Kayaking instructor, she thrives on helping others build confidence in challenging waters. Specializing in surf and dynamic environments, she's not just about personal achievements but is dedicated to sharing practical skills. Her focus is straightforward – empowering individuals to navigate waves with confidence. In her, you'll find a focused instructor committed to creating a community of capable and self-assured paddlers. Melinda is one of the organizers of the Surf Sirens Kayaking Camp and the Hobuck Hoedown - both events held in the Pacific Northwest of the USA celebrating the surf in sea and surf kayaks.

Jameson Riser

Jameson is an ACA Level 4 Surf Kayak Instructor with a broad range of paddling experience.  She began paddling at 10 years old at summer camp in North Carolina.  In her teens, she started whitewater kayaking and whitewater open canoeing.  In college, she worked as a head instructor and trip leader for the University of Texas.  While working as an assistant buyer for Paddling and Climbing at REI Headquarters she competed part-time in Whitewater Rodeo Competitions and was eventually offered a kayak sponsorship.  She spent four years competing full-time on the Whitewater Freestyle (Rodeo) Circuit.  As one of the top 10 ranked US Women, she took 1st place overall at the 1999 Ottawa Pre-World Whitewater Freestyle Championships.

 Jameson has been competing in surf kayaking for over 25 years and specializes in `World Championships.  She finished 2nd in Women’s International Class at the 2007 Bakio, Spain Surf Kayak World Championships.  The US West Team had top three finishes in many of the World Championships.  Specializing in the International Class (IC) category, she is known for careful wave selection, graceful floaters, and long, sweet rides.

Living in the Puget Sound, she participates in all types of Paddlesports including Whitewater Kayaking, Sea Kayaking, Recreational Sit-on-Tops and Surf Kayaking.  She is a founding organizer of ‘Surf Sirens’ Women’s Surf Kayak Coaching & Camp and ‘Fluid Moves’ Surf Kayak Training in the Northwest.  Jameson is also the Event Manager and the Head Judge for Hobuck Hoedown Paddle Surf Festival and Contest.  She loves engaging new people in kayaking.  Jameson is the owner of a Paddlesports Distribution business in Anacortes, Washington.

Deb Volturno

Deb Volturno considers sea kayaking to be a way of life that has captivated her for more than four decades. Her passion is still driven by exploring and playing in the dynamic environment where the sea meets the shore, including surf and ocean whitewater.  She also embraces the meditative qualities of kayaking in open water. Deb has enjoyed kayaking wherever there’s water, from above the Arctic Circle to the Southern Hemisphere.  Her home waters are the Pacific Northwest of the USA and Canada. 

As an American Canoe Association Advanced Open Water Trainer/Educator (Level 5) and Surf Kayak Instructor Trainer/Educator (Level 4), Deb holds the highest certifications awarded in the United States. She instructs all levels of sea kayaking including certifying instructors at a national level in the USA.  In addition Deb is a Wilderness First Reponder, holds the rank of Captain in the Tsunami Rangers, was also a member of the US Surf Kayak Team.